I used to be bad at taking feedback.

When I got positive feedback, the world would become a floral garden, the air smelled fragrant, I saw butterflies dancing around and there was a bounce in my step. But when feedback came in negative, my world would shut down like a city-wide power cut.

How one word can ruin one week

“You could’ve done more”; “Your communication skills need to be worked on”; or the dreaded silence accompanied by the questioning emoji.

Feedback like this used to put me on an emotional roller coaster. I would feel anxious and sometimes defensive, often spending days and nights of insomnia…

Voted by our readers as the best food destination in the world, the culinary philosophy here is eat often and eat well. — CNN, 40 of the best Taiwanese foods and drinks

Like most outlanders working abroad, I miss the food at home. It’s been 5 years after leaving Taiwan. I’ve created a must-eat-list whenever going back to Taiwan. Especially around Gong Guan, Taipei, where I spent 7 years of my student life, and where two of the popular universities, NTU and NTUST were beside. With a big crowd of students, the area has a lot of affordable and great…

Hello, my readers, welcome to the start of Project Diona, aka Project D.

For those who don’t know me, five fun facts : I am Diona, a Taiwanese girl, a product designer, 153cm/5feet tall, living in Singapore — the beautiful garden city…. well, some people might say country, but I like to call it city, it feels much closer as a place you’re living in, don’t you think so?

Here’s to 2018, I thought it would be great to kickstart the Project D right on the first day of this year!

What Project D is about

Healthy Lifestyle

My friends around me know that I’m “the healthy…

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My design folks always ask me if I do user research as a Product Designer, and yes I do! In fact, with the limited resources in a startup context, it’s even more important to have user research boot into a business.

In the Warm Gun 2014 conference, Branden Kowitz has given great points about how startup designers can focus on what really matters :

It is the curiosity of what problems you wanna tackle, the maker spirit of getting your hands dirty, and the iterations that have been validated in front of people as early as possible.

As a product…


Product Designer @Facebook, Taiwanese living in Singapore.

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